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Upgrade your home, enhance your lifestyle



  1. Protect your family against electrical hazards


  1. Customize your interiors to fit your lifestyle


  1. Upgrade your home with smart, convenient technology

Proven expert in home renovation

More than 50 years of experience in developing solutions for homes enables us to enhance your living spaces with reliable, efficient, and technologies, from light switches to electrical panel boards.

Stay up to date

Discover articles dedicated to home owners and get the latest news on home trends, technologies, and best practices. Join the conversation today!
  1. A connected home, greater comfort
  2. Saving energy at home
  3. Energy management for sustainable homes

Our technology is everywhere
Discover how our solutions ensure that Life Is On everywhere, for everyone, and at every moment. 
Our products and solutions protect your family and home against the risk of electrocution and fire, and safeguard your electronic equipment against power surges. We enhance your interior design with our stylish switches and make your life easier by adding more practical functionalities to our devices.
New ideas, new styles
Looking for interior design ideas?